Kind of late news, but I am getting more and more excited about it. Coming early next year in 2010, Richard A. Knaak’s book Stormrage will be available. This book, as per the title states, is about Stormrage. Not Illidan, but Malfurion. The most powerful Druid, and one of the most powerful beings on Azeroth.

The cover of the book shows Malfurion in a primal state surrounded by leaves. Some would say he is in a foul, angry, or raging mood. His sneer and scars hold to the fact that he is in the middle of something big. Due to the fact that he is in this condition, it is believed that this book takes place during or after his lost trek through the Emerald Dream.

Some hope that this book will connect or be connected to the next World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. As for me, I am happy to have more lore on my favorite WoW character. But I do have to say this…..if Malfurion is made into a bad guy I am done with this whole thing. I am tired of the good guys becoming bad guys because no one can think of a way to turn the tides of evil upon the world.


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  1. COMPLETELY unrelated to this post, but I’d like to put in a request for some lore background on the characters that the T9 armor sets are named for. Specifically the shaman guy, but I’m sure there are others that I’m clueless about haha.

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