The madness of War

The small valley was packed with the members of the tribe. Those that were too injured to assist any further were shepherded to the back to be tended to. The wars always took their toll. Many died to secure a foothold so that more can live. It was the cycle.

The valley was quiet. Any noise would have echoed upon the many stone walls and spikes protruding from the earth and carried further upon the night air. These spikes proved a useful defense against the enemy and were favored when searching for a place to recover. Once this area might have been a lush forest, but from so many years of fighting all that remained were the scars upon the earth.

No movement could be seen at all around them. No green light either. That meant they were safe to rest. What little of light that came through the storm clouds raised spirits for those within the valley. The moon shone full this night which meant their Goddess, Chandran, would be watchful of them tonight.

Several hours later, there came a rumbling to the north. Several of the warriors present stared in that direction. Minutes later, the scouts came running back.

“They are coming. Hundreds strong.”

They stirred the others who had been sleeping and pushed those who were unsafe even farther away from what would be their holding point. A green light began to pour over the horizon and horrific cries and shouts could be heard even from such a distance.

Weapons were gathered. Those with enough strength gathered near the front to make a stand against what would be the oncoming assault. The green light was greater now and the roars and screams were bone chilling. They could see their enemy rushing toward them. Rushing toward their very position as if they knew they had been there all along. As if they could see them, or smell them. Everyone tensed and awaited the moment to strike.

Great howls rent the air. With these howls brought courage and freedom of the fear that gripped many. With these howls came the charge toward their enemy. The clash of bodies and the grunts of pain now assaulted the air. Blood seeped into the ground and even more were added to those that were wounded to be dragged off the field of battle or left there to spend their last moments. Through tooth and nail, magic and metal they fought. Through everything they had, they fought their enemy. The enemy of the Emerald Flames.


3 Responses to “The madness of War”

  1. I wish I knew more about the emerald dream, but a great read just the same!

  2. lvl80elite Says:

    Not the Emerald Dream.
    This is the beginning of my Worgen story. It depicts their home world, wars, and eventual immersion into Azeroth.

  3. ohhhh Emerald flames had me confused lol.

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