Goblins choose sides

Hey everyone. Sorry this post is later than usual. I was donating plasma.

Anywho. I have been thinking about this all day and when I got home, I researched it and found nothing specific. What is it you ask?

Well the title of the post tells all. Why do the goblins choose the Horde? Specific reasons? All I could find was this on the Cataclysm site and cited on WoWwiki.

“Recently, the goblins of Kezan have found a new enemy in the Alliance – unexpected and unprofitable encounters with this faction have driven certain trade princes from their comfortable neutrality.  Reforging old pacts with their one-time allies, the goblins have been welcomed into the Horde with open arms.”

And will it turn out later on that they once again made a mistake in choosing sides? Or will other Neutral Goblin factions remain….neutral? And will Goblins get extra experiance from these other Goblin factions?

Too many question. If you happen to come across any of it. Let me know. Or if you just have an idea of what might happen, let me hear it.


2 Responses to “Goblins choose sides”

  1. The Goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel fled the Island they lived on because of an active volcano, on they’re way to Kalimdor they were sucked into the crossfire of a battle between an Alliance fleet and a lone horde ship. After shipwrecking on the Lost Isles Alliance attacked them, thus resulting in THAT PARTICULAR faction of goblins to join the horde once more. at least thats what info I gathered.

  2. lvl80elite Says:

    Oh. Cool. So, as usual I am going to guess that the Alliance automatically thought that the goblins were already working with the Horde because they happen to be there so they attacked them. /ponder

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