Two posts, one night!

Reading through the WoW forums, I discovered this bit of blue that covers the topic of Druid forms and their graphics. Since I run with Furyen a lot and have had him for a while,  can relate to the dull act of shifting and seeing the same old graphic. Here is the link for the entire forum post. And here is the Blue’s comment that makes me happy and is very informative in it’s own way.

Druid forms are not coming in 3.1, but (big but) we are working on them. I have to say that when these do go live, it will have been worth the wait. =) –Crygil

Yes it is a bummer that they are not coming in 3.1 but hey…if a blue is excited about them then I sure as the nether will too. I have heard a lot of speculation but nothing solid. I can not wait to see what they wil be 🙂


2 Responses to “Two posts, one night!”

  1. I’ve always liked Crygil, never quite as funny as Bornakk of GC, but always quite nice.

    Always has good news.
    Crygil, you rock.

  2. Oh, and did he mention anything about hunter’s taming druids? I’ll be that’s on the way too…
    (evil hands rubbing together with evil grin type of plotting face)

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