Fresh Prince of Stormwind

‘In Westfall and Elwynn born and raised,

Around Sentinel Hill was where I spent most of my days,

Guarding and trying, not to cower,

And trying to fight off buzzards around the tower,

When a couple of Defias who were startin a trend,

Started making trouble for Stormwind,

I found the Defias messanger and Gyran got scared,

He said “your makin a group and going back in there”

~I whistled in general and someone was near,

He was a warrior in full armor and had no fear,

A priest hopped over to make things shine,

I announced two more for the Deadmines,

~We came up to Moonbrook with 4 or 5,

I yelled to the warrior  “dive right in”,

I looked at the entrance,

We were finally there,

To take down the Defias and protect the Stormwind heir…’


4 Responses to “Fresh Prince of Stormwind”

  1. This made my day…I expect to hear it on the next podcast 🙂

  2. I intend to make him sing it on the next podcast.

  3. Mustafah Says:

    Awesome man – fricken hilarious.

  4. Oh my god, that was hilarious. Sing it on the next podcast!

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