A Night Out on the town.

Greetings Youngens. Kateff here. The loveable, old, hunter. I wanted to let everyone out therr know that even in times like these, love can occur.

It was a meeting of chance ye see. I was told to head over to Grizzly Hills….oh Grizzly Hills. The Hills be alive with the packs of beasties….anywho. So I asked to get a griffon over there. The Griffon master said, even better sir we are gonna be sendin you on a swift armored griffon with rider. I told him that would be fine. And what came down to me was an angel on white wings.

Hello there my dear. *The silence engulfed the area*

We took off for Grizzly Hills once I hopped on. I shuffled forward a bit so I could be closer and I gave her the ol Kateff charm again. She seemed to be not going for it.


And then all of a sudden we got away from Wintergarde Keep and what ya know….


Well ye can’t really see it here, but she was all over me. I tell ya, the Kateff charm works.

We continued on our way to Grizzly Hills. But instead of getting to Amberpine Lodge like we were ordered, we went on an outing. It was lovely. She dolled herself up nice for me.  A fine picnic with freshly made Snapper Extreme with a side of Tasty Cranberries. We didn’t realize how long we were gone. most likely due to the Volatile Rum I carry with me. Anywho.

I flew us back to Wintergarde Keep.


But before we got back, I threw one more charm at her…


Her name is Holga Smitehammer. And I think I’m in love…..


4 Responses to “A Night Out on the town.”

  1. LMAO it’s good to know that not even the dread citadel Naxxramas looming in the distance can damper dwarven love.

  2. She got a sister?

  3. love love love…dwarven love 🙂

  4. …are you still out galavanting with that gryphon, err I mean dwarf 😛

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