This just in…….beep beep boop boop

So last night I ran on Furyen (well after I ran Nabru a bit. You see, I like to char broil my victims in a 2k stream of lightning!) So last night I ran Drak’Theron Keep with the guild. I am a 79 at the moment back to resto. SHAZAM! Anywho. I didn’t get anything of importance from that instance due to my level range. So afterward we ran up north and jumped into the Amphitheater of Anguish. You know…Ring of Blood on steroids.  We run through those quests fairly easy. All I do is sit back and watch and pop out some healz. At the end of The Champion of Anguish I pick up a new weapon. I like to call it ma wrench of doom.  [Screw-Sprung Fixer-Upper]. Its a nice upgrade to what I had. And it adds some pretty spell/healing power.



One Response to “This just in…….beep beep boop boop”

  1. I totally thought you made up the name “Screw Sprung Fixer Upper”

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