Hello all readers and bloggers alike. I am new to blogging more or less, with this blog going just over one month. I enjoy writing my blog for the sake of me and getting information out to the fans. As of late I have indeed slacked off due to many factors and I apologize for this. It was not fair to my readers as they were expecting more posts from me. Due to this slack, I have lost many a readers and I ask and I hope for them to come back. To those who read this post, please spread the word of my blog. I really want to have more people reading this blog so that I can offer the information to a larger crowd. A larger crowd also means that more ideas can come to me to blog about.

I will gladly accept all ideas although not all of them will make it through to posting. I do not want this blog to be just about me, so if you have some good information send it along. To all the loyal fans that have stayed with me thus far, I thank you.

I will get active once again. Come and get active with me and send your ideas to


3 Responses to “Help”

  1. I want a detailed analysis of your druid’s talent tree. What talents he chose, and why he chose them.
    Or else.

  2. PS: I plan on doing a similar post for Davlin…planned on it for about a month, maybe your druid can coerce me to get off of my lazy dwarf butt.

  3. we all have times when we post less often or just do not know what to talk about, but it’s ok 🙂

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