Tier 9 gear names and what they really mean

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So a friend of mine recently asked for “a request for some lore background on the characters that the T9 armor sets are named for”. The tier 9 sets are the latest sets (for now) within the game.

Simply put, these armor sets are named after the most powerful character within that class/ faction. Here is the run down of Alliance and Horde tier 9 gear and their namesakes.

Death Knight

Alliance Thassarian’s Battlegear or Plate. Thassarian was the first Death Knight to rejoin the Alliance. This is why this set is not named after Darion Morgraine. Morgraine never rejoined the Alliance, but yet remains a faction entity (The leader of the Knights of the Ebon Blade) Thassarian is found throughout the Death Knight (Lich King’s will) quests as well as through the quests in Northrend.

Horde Koltira’s Battlegear or Plate. Koltira Deathweaver is the first Death Knight to rejoin the Horde. Just like his counterpart Thassarian, he is found throughout the storyline of the expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

===>When it comes to the two Death Knights, you can not really expect too much lore from them. They were introduced at Ebon Hold during the starter quests for the Death Knights. They both seem very loyal to Darion Morgraine and from him the cause and will of the Lich King. Once it is found out that the Lich King were using them as pawns, they remain loyal to Morgraine and remove themselves from the Lich Kings service and rejoin their respective factions.


Alliance Malfurion’s Garb, Regalia, or Battlegear. Malfurion Stormrage. Major activist in Azeroths past, present, and future. The first real druid and currently the most powerful druid. Malfurion is one of the few most powerful characters of Azeroth. He is responsible for saving Azeroth not once, but twice from the onslaught of the scourge. And by his actions, Archimonde (the “third” most powerful Demon) was destroyed. Thousands of years old and mate to Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion is currently “trapped” within the Emerald Dream.

Horde Runetotem’s Garb, Regalia, or Battlegear. Hamuul Runetotem is the Archdruid of Thunderbluff. He was the first druid of the Taurens (although history claims Taurens have known druidism for centuries). He was also mentee to Malfurion Stormrage. Runetotem learned druidism from Malfurion around the time of the last war with the Burning Legion (the Third War). And from this, he has taught many Taurens to become druids. His true power is something to behold.


Alliance Windrunner’s Battlegear. Vereesa Windrunner, former Ranger of the Kingdom of Quel’ Thalas, wife to Rhonin, General of the Silver Covenant, and sister to Sylvanas Windrunner. Vereesa Windrunner is a character seeping with lore from her famous sisters Alleria (who was amongst those of the expedition who left through the Dark Portal into Dreanor/Outland) and Sylvanas (the undead leader of the Forsaken) to the release of Alexstraza the Dragon Queen from her capture by the Orcs. She currently resides in the Violet Tower next to Rhonin.

Horde Windrunner’s Pursuit. Sylvanas Windrunner, former Ranger of the Kingdom of Quel’ Thalas, sister to Vereesa, the first Banshee, and the leader of the Forsaken. Sylvanas, like her sister, is seeping with lore. Killed by Arthas during his rampage to get to the Sunwell and raised as his captive Banshee, she later regained her will and body to become the leader of the undead known as the Forsaken. She can be found in Undercity as well as seen through quest lines in Northrend.


Alliance -Khadgar’s Regalia. Khadgar, former apprentice to the Last Gaurdian of Tirisfal Medivh, commander to the expedition forces sent to Dreanor/Outland, and current advisor to A’dal (the leader of the Naruu in Outland and the ruler of Shattrah city) Khadgar has been one of the most powerful wizards. He was apprenticed to Medivh and even fought against this Arch mage during his slip from sanity and into the hands of Sargeras.

Horde Suntrider’s Regalia. Kael’ thas Sunstrider, prince of Quel’Thas, grandson of Dath’ Remar Sunstrider, leader of the Blood Elves for a period of time before he was drawn into the clutches of Kil’Jeaden. A story not to different from Arthas’ own, Kael’thas betrayed his people for power to seek revenge against what had been done against them. However, unlike Arthas, Kael’ thas became a disposable pawn and eventually forsook everything he was to gain even more power.


Alliance Turalyon’s Garb, Plate, or Battlegear. Turalyon is the High General of the Alliance Expedition that went to Dreanor/Outland. He is also a Knight of the Silver Hand. Turalyon’s lore resides mainly as the defender of the Alliance during the Second War and throughout the battles fought in Outland. *Why they did not use Uther here is unknown to me as Uther was more widely celebrated and was known to be the most powerful Paladin in the Alliance.

Horde Liadrin’s Garb, Plate, or Battlegear. Lady Liadrin was the first Blood elf Paladin. She thus came to be when the Blood elves used the captured Naruu M’uru to grant certain Blood elves paladin abilities. After Kael’ thas steals away M’uru, Liadrin goes to Shattrah City to speak before A’dal and through these actions as well as renouncing the House of Sunstrider, she and the other Blood Elves become true paladins in the manner of gaining their abilities without the aid of a captured Naruu.


Alliance Velen’s Regalia or Raimnent. Prophet Velen, leader of the Dreanei, reportedly over 25,000 years old making him one of the oldest characters in the history of Warcraft, former friend and co-ruler of Kil’jeaden and Archimonde. Velen is by far one of the most powerful characters in Warcraft. He led the Dreanei to safety for thousands of years and eventually landed…albeit crash landed…on Azeroth where they joined the Alliance.

Horde Zabra’s Regalia or Raimnent. Zabra Hexx, former resident of the Scarlet Monestary, is a mystery to many. This character is not found in game, but rather within the Ashbringer comics. Within these comics, Alexandros morgraine saves his life and after Alexandros’ death he meets with Darion Morgraine. During this meeting, Zabra has a vision of a floating castle above a burning city (Ebon Hold above Tyr’s Hand?) and then vanishes.


Allaince VanCleef’s Battlegear. Edwin VanCleef prior to the Second War and destruction of Stormwind was a master rogue. After Stormwind was destroyed however, he was called upon as a master stonemason to rebuild Stormwind. Because of his genius in this field, the new Stormwind was rebuilt faster. However, the Nobles refused to pay for the construction and offered government jobs to those who kept silent. Not partaking in any of this, VanCleef vowed to get his revenge. Thus the Defias Brotehrhood is made and thus we are given a quest to kill VanCleef. But is was deemed he was important enough to have a tier armor set named after him.

Horde – Garona’s Battlegear. Garona Halforcen, by her namesake implies she is half orc and half dreanei. She eventually becomes an emissary to Gaurdian Medivh and trusted spy to the Alliance. She eventually assassinated King Llane. Mother to Me’dan. Garona’s location is currently unknown however it is interesting to know that she was to be the Grand Master of the Rogues for the release of Wrath of the Lich King however she was removed and remains to be unknown.


Alliance Nobundo’s Garb, Battlegear, or Regalia. Farseer Nobundo, once Vindicator/Paladin, defender of Shattrah city, and first of the Dreanei to become a shaman. During the fleet of the Dreanei from the devestation of the Horde on Drreanor, Vindicator Nobundo stayed behind to buy time for his brethren. A red mist covered the city and eventually was the cause of the “broken”, the deformed Dreanei who were cut off from the light. Nobundo fled from Shattrah and eventually was found by the elements to become a Shaman.

Horde Thrall’s Garb, Battlegear, or Regalia. Warchief Thrall, once slave. Thrall is the current leader of the Horde and resides in Orgrimmar. He is a monumental force as he was chosen by the elements to regain the path of the shaman for his people. After he recieves his new found powers, he sets the orcs free who are at the time being held in internment camps around the Eastern Kingdoms. After doing so, he remakes the Horde in his image. He is yet another of the few most powerful characters in Warcraft.


Alliance Kel’Thuzad’s Regalia. Once an Archmage of Dalaran, Kel’ Thuzad’s lust for power brought him to the Lich King and powers of necromancy and demonology. Later on he becomes an enemy to the Alliance, but it seems that Warlocks admire power no matter the source….

Horde Gul’dan’s Regalia. Once a powerful Shaman, Gul’dan forsook that path for more power and from the hands of the burning legion recieved powers of a Warlock. Taking the role as leader, Gul’dan was monumental in the devastation of Azeroth by opening portals and leading the Horde to battle after bloody battle. Gul’dan was part of the old Horde, but again apparantly Warlocks admire power no matter the source…


Alliance Wrynn’s Battlegear or Plate. King Wrynn, son of King Llane. Once captive of Onyxia. Supreme leader of the Allied forces. King Wyrnn’s prowess as a warrior is widely known. His past is blood soaked from his father’s death, the destruction of Stormwind, the death of his wife, his own capture and the events leading to the Rise of the Lich King.

HordeHellscream’s Battlegear or Plate. Once the leader of the Warsong clan, friend of Thrall, and known as the “Redeemer of Orcs” by his actions of killing Mannoroth. Grom Hellscream is also known as the Slayer of Cenarius. Although his past is full of blood and betrayel, Grom Hellscream was one of the few to have his honor intact and was also able to fight the blood pact and will of Mannoroth. He fought alongside of Thrall as they rescued the orcs from the internment camps and eventually died at the hands of Mannoroth.



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Kind of late news, but I am getting more and more excited about it. Coming early next year in 2010, Richard A. Knaak’s book Stormrage will be available. This book, as per the title states, is about Stormrage. Not Illidan, but Malfurion. The most powerful Druid, and one of the most powerful beings on Azeroth.

The cover of the book shows Malfurion in a primal state surrounded by leaves. Some would say he is in a foul, angry, or raging mood. His sneer and scars hold to the fact that he is in the middle of something big. Due to the fact that he is in this condition, it is believed that this book takes place during or after his lost trek through the Emerald Dream.

Some hope that this book will connect or be connected to the next World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. As for me, I am happy to have more lore on my favorite WoW character. But I do have to say this…..if Malfurion is made into a bad guy I am done with this whole thing. I am tired of the good guys becoming bad guys because no one can think of a way to turn the tides of evil upon the world.

Dont count me out!

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I will not have a blog post this weekend. I will be participating in a 150 mile bike ride (75 miles a day over two days) to support and rease money for the National MS Society. Wish me luck. I should have a lot of info to post on one topic or another when I return.

The madness of War

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The small valley was packed with the members of the tribe. Those that were too injured to assist any further were shepherded to the back to be tended to. The wars always took their toll. Many died to secure a foothold so that more can live. It was the cycle.

The valley was quiet. Any noise would have echoed upon the many stone walls and spikes protruding from the earth and carried further upon the night air. These spikes proved a useful defense against the enemy and were favored when searching for a place to recover. Once this area might have been a lush forest, but from so many years of fighting all that remained were the scars upon the earth.

No movement could be seen at all around them. No green light either. That meant they were safe to rest. What little of light that came through the storm clouds raised spirits for those within the valley. The moon shone full this night which meant their Goddess, Chandran, would be watchful of them tonight.

Several hours later, there came a rumbling to the north. Several of the warriors present stared in that direction. Minutes later, the scouts came running back.

“They are coming. Hundreds strong.”

They stirred the others who had been sleeping and pushed those who were unsafe even farther away from what would be their holding point. A green light began to pour over the horizon and horrific cries and shouts could be heard even from such a distance.

Weapons were gathered. Those with enough strength gathered near the front to make a stand against what would be the oncoming assault. The green light was greater now and the roars and screams were bone chilling. They could see their enemy rushing toward them. Rushing toward their very position as if they knew they had been there all along. As if they could see them, or smell them. Everyone tensed and awaited the moment to strike.

Great howls rent the air. With these howls brought courage and freedom of the fear that gripped many. With these howls came the charge toward their enemy. The clash of bodies and the grunts of pain now assaulted the air. Blood seeped into the ground and even more were added to those that were wounded to be dragged off the field of battle or left there to spend their last moments. Through tooth and nail, magic and metal they fought. Through everything they had, they fought their enemy. The enemy of the Emerald Flames.

Goblins choose sides

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Hey everyone. Sorry this post is later than usual. I was donating plasma.

Anywho. I have been thinking about this all day and when I got home, I researched it and found nothing specific. What is it you ask?

Well the title of the post tells all. Why do the goblins choose the Horde? Specific reasons? All I could find was this on the Cataclysm site and cited on WoWwiki.

“Recently, the goblins of Kezan have found a new enemy in the Alliance – unexpected and unprofitable encounters with this faction have driven certain trade princes from their comfortable neutrality.  Reforging old pacts with their one-time allies, the goblins have been welcomed into the Horde with open arms.”

And will it turn out later on that they once again made a mistake in choosing sides? Or will other Neutral Goblin factions remain….neutral? And will Goblins get extra experiance from these other Goblin factions?

Too many question. If you happen to come across any of it. Let me know. Or if you just have an idea of what might happen, let me hear it.

More news from the Front

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Searching around and I found some of the following.

When the Cataclysm occurs, it will occur for all players, whether they have purchased the expansion or not–you will no longer be to play in the original version of Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms. However, certain features such as the new zones, new races, and new level cap will only be accessible to players who purchase the expansion.

Yes. We’ve come up with a number of new, cool ways to use phasing since we introduced it in Wrath of the Lich King, and we plan to use it more extensively to change the world as players progress. We are also now able to phase terrain, which players will see firsthand in the starting areas for the goblins and worgen. We’re also adding some UI improvements to help determine when another player is in a different “phase” from you.

So the Cataclysm happens no matter what! Awesome! Although I will miss all the great things that have happened, I am excited for all the new things to come. New towns, new lore, new areas. Darkshore….you will be missed.

Speaking of changes…..the Night Elves seem to be the ones getting screwed on the Alliance side. What happens to Dun Morogh or Azuremyst or Elwynn.  Nothing coming out about them yet.

And I hope for the sake of lore, that Kul Tiras comes up some time….dang island is not even on our maps. Just so you all know, Kul Tiras is the island between Gilneas and what we know as Wetlands. It was ruled by Proudmore and a huge part of the Alliance as it had the greatest naval fleet around.

More stuff to come!

Fantastic News!!!

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